On the Dual Embeddedness of Multinational Corporations

07-11-2008 | Sander Quak (PhD-student) - Erasmus University Rotterdam

Bron: Internet 08/07/2008 - Sander Quak (PhD-student) - Erasmus University Rotterdam

  Building on the notion of embeddedness and the theory of fields from the new economic sociology, a theoretical framework to study the historical development of MNCs’ labor policies is developed. In this article two primary claims are made; (1) multinational corporations are embedded in a national and an international field and (2) in recent decades we have witnessed an increasing international and a decreasing national dependence of these multinational corporations. Following these claims and in light of the fact that labor is nationally embedded, a number of hypotheses on the consequences of these changing dependencies for the labor policies of multinational corporations are presented. Finally, some preliminary findings on the development of the human resource department, based on interviews with HR managers of multinational corporations in the Netherlands, are presented.