PLAY - Samuel Beckett

25-04-2013 |

Beckett's Play presents a love triangle. In Sahika Tekand, one of the leading lights of contemporary Turkish theatre, the work has found an ideal interpreter of its minimalist, repetitive style, in which words are used in patterns akin to music. Sahika Tekand has taken a highly individual approach to the play, making use of vertical stage sets. Each actor is confined in the isolation of an enclosed space; each intervenes according to a frenetic rhythm that is underlined by shifting lighting. Play appeals to the senses, with light, rhythm, and gesture calculated to serve the sound of Beckett's text. This brilliant vision of Beckett's play - which has rarely benefited from a stage presentation so close in spirit to his writing - is brought to life with brio by the actors of the Istanbul municipal theatre, one of the most prestigious institutions of the Turkish stage.


with Ali Gökmen Altug, Asli Aybars, Pelin Budak, Burçak Çöllü, Seda Fettahoglu, Yeliz Gercek, Ozan Gözel, Nurdan Kalinaga, Aslihan Kandemir, Selen Kartay, Buket Yanmaz Kubilay, Mehmet Okuroglu, Özge Özder, Özgür Kaymak Tanik, Esin Umulu, Ali Mert Yavuzcan, Çaglar Yigitogullari, Yigit Sertdemir

"Play" introduction - Julie Rodeyns & Mesut Arslan (in English and Turkish) (19:30)
Place : Centre for Fine Arts / Hall M
Dates : Friday 26.04.2013 - 20:30 > 21:30
           Saturday 27.04.2013 - 20:30 > 21:30

Samuel Beckett author - Sahika Tekand director, lighting design - Esat Tekand set design - Aysen Aktengiz costumes - Göksel Arslan direction assistance - Ozan Gözel direction assistance - Nagihan Gurkan direction assistance - Istanbul Municipal Theaters

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surtitles: French | Dutch language: Turkish